Artist Impressions

The artist’s impression of the proposed Energy Park as viewed from Red Bridge, Eyes Lane were produced as follows –


The photomontages produced for the Asland Walks Energy park have been produced as an ‘artists impression’ to give an indication of visual impact on the surrounding area. The process involved in creating these visuals consists of photographing the view location noting the OS coordinates (Red Bridge: E346518, N418840) & height the photograph was taken (1600mm above ground) to which this information is matched and plotted on a 3D topographical survey. The wind turbine has been 3D modelled to the proposed height of 130m to the hub as per the manufacturers drawings and positioned within the 3D topographical survey as per the location plan (E346074, N419422); the photomontage view is then matched using a modelling programme to produce an accurate representation of what you would find on site. There is an existing lidar building on site and church spire in the rear of the photo which has been cross referenced to validate the accuracy of the artist’s impression.

BCA Landscape

Bank Bridge


Wind turbine from Strand Bridge (Sollom Lock)

Red Bridge, Eyes Lane