GA Pet Food Partners

GA is a manufacturer of premium-quality pet food and a local business which has grown out of local farming roots.

GA sources its meat protein ingredients as by-products from the human food chain, recycling food that is surplus to human food, so forming a ‘good’ environmentally sustainable business. However, to cook and recover meat protein from the animal by-products, GA uses significant amounts of heat and power, using 12 times more energy than the rest of Bretherton parish together and GA operations account for around 23% of all the industry and commercial carbon emissions from Chorley Borough.

GA wants to do everything it can, as quickly as it can, to produce pet food in a sustainable and carbon neutral way. GA has pledged to halve its carbon emissions every decade in order to reach Net Zero. Shifting to generating its own zero-carbon energy from wind and solar also means they can reduce and stabilise their energy costs and safeguard the future of the business and the local people they employ.