What is the proposed Bretherton Energy Partnership?

GA are exploring installing a wind turbine and solar panels to generate zero-carbon electricity for its factory and Bretherton parish.

GA proposes that 5% of wind and solar electricity generated would be free to the community via a cable that runs directly to a community battery and then to Bretherton’s electricity substations.

A community-owned battery (or batteries) would be required to help balance variable wind and solar generation and the parish’s consumption, and for regulatory and grid compliance purposes.

Any surplus power would be sold to GA or the National Grid to generate income that could then be invested in local community projects.

GA’s factory would use 95% of generated electricity. It would lower GA’s energy bill, help it reach net-zero, and make the business more resilient

Where Would The Wind Turbine And Solar Field Be?


Asland Walks Energy Park would be a wind turbine and solar field between the River Douglas and the Leeds to Liverpool Canal.

The proposed Asland Walks Energy Park comprises some 100 acres of arable land. The Energy Park will be accessible to the community. Future Ecological improvements will include:

  • Tree planting

  • Visitor centre with information about the Energy Park and how it works

  • “Live” electricity generation data may be added in the future.


Below is a possible layout with wind turbines and solar panels. East-west solar panels increase electrical energy yield over south-facing panels. The east-to-west format captures solar energy over a longer period during daytime, flattening peak generation.